Wire Drawing Lubricants From Batoyle Freedom Group Uk

Copper Wire Drawing Lubricants For—Rbd, Fine & Multi Wire
Lubricant ROD (8mm>) Intermediate Finish (0.4-1.0MM) Fine Finish (U.1-U.4MM) Super Fine Finish (0.03-0.4MM) Annealers Remarks
MASTERSOL DC 13 YES YES NO NO NO Enhancing thermal stability and deteigent. Suitable for tin plated, bare and enamelled wire.
MASTERSOL CT 21 NO YES YES NO NO Highly sophisticated semi- synthetic lubricant designed for drawing fine wire sixes specially (In Multiwile drawing machine)


C 21

NO YES YES YES NO Highly sophisticated semi- synthetic lubricant designed for drawing fine/svpertinc tin plated, bare and enamelled wire
CETOSOL CP NO NO NO YES YES Contains highly effective anti oxidants, anti corrosives and metal passivators which protect the surface of ractals. particularly bright drawn wire.
Aluminium And Alluminium Alloy—Wire Drawing Lubricant
Lubricant Aluminium Alloys E.ggrade Aluminium rod (9.5mm) Machine Type Remarks
Batral A5 YES NO YES YES YES Semi- synthetic rod break down lubricant with enhanced lubricity
Batral A 1 / A 2 NO YES YES YES YES Low viscosity for intermediate & fine wire Application.
Batral A 3 (Additive) YES YES NO NO NO Boost lubricity, reduce oxidation and reduce sludge formation in used lubricants.
Lubricants For Non - Ferrous Tube

A range of fully synthetic, mineral oil free drawing lubricant with outstanding properties in terms of lubricant, residue formation and HEALTH & SAFETY/ Environmental properties. Application can be by either single shot or recirculation method for critical applications where surface quality and ultra low residues arc pre-requisites.

Heavy viscosity breakdown lubricant, especially recommended for high speed drawing application on both blocks and draw benches.

Improved tool life due to the synthetic base stock coupled to high levels of lubricity additives and adhesives nature of the formulation.
Product available with extremely low carbon forming tendencies and applicable for use with Freon R134A type refrigerants.

Tube Drawing Lubricant
Lubricant Die OD Plug ID




ACR Tube



@ 40.DEG.CT.

CETODRAW SYN64 YES YES Recirculation Total Loss Fully synthetic YES 125 Specially recommended for finishing   operation on both O.D and LD.
CETODRAW 2279 P YES YES Recirculation Total Loss Fully synthetic YES 3500 Single shot techniques result In lower lubricant consumption