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Steel Auto Components, Carbide & Ceramic Wear Parts

For Mirror Polishing of Diamond, PCD, Carbide Drawing Dies & Dies of Any Other Hard Metals

Ajex & Turner Diamond Compound is specially formulated for use m all types of Carbide Dies.

  • Proven Formulation: Diamond compound will withstand severe lapping conditions without loss of cutting quality. The use of a stable carrier assures sustained particle and suspension throughout the process cycle.

  • Better Coverage: Diamond compound’s unique blend also provides more surface coverage and improved impregnation of lapping tools.

  • Water & OH Soluble: Diamond Powder / Paste & Slurries can be used with synthetic water & oil lubricants, to meet specific requirements of material surface finish & can be stored for many years.
  • Great Advantages: Diamond Powder / Paste & Slurries offers these outstanding advantage.

  • Superior mirror surface Consistent
  • Does not evaporate
  • Oil-based
  • Pleasant odour
  • Economical
  • Aggressive removal rates
  • High adhesion to tools and surfaces
  • Generates highly reflective surface
  • Easily deans with High Lap Spray

Diamond Powder