AJEX precision manufacturing capabilities are unique within the wire die industry, laser drilling technology and a disciplined approach to quality assurance help to provide exceptional repeatability in the manufacture of close tolerance.

To optimize the performance of today’s high speed multi-wire drawing machinery AJEX manufactures wire drawing die sets that accurately matched to the Elongation of wire drawing machines.

Using computer aided software each die sized in the set is calculated within the correct tolerance to precisely match the machine elongation and to minimize the amount of slip on the capstans.

Finally each die in the set is performance tested for the correct wire elongation and die pull. These dies can be used as a set since each die has been matched one to the other.

P.C.D. Dies are used to draw both ferrous and non-ferrous metals at both high and low speeds due to its quality of thermal conductivity which enables it to observe the heat, generate while drawing, from the die bore and also helps the die to maintain its for longer time.

Our wire drawing dies have been successfully used in drawing many different materials, from copper, aluminium and stainless steel to new applications like CCA, CCS, medical wire and tubes. AJEX has developed a complete range of drawing tools/dies to meet the requirement of today’s wire manufacturers.