Solid Enameling Dies

Accurate & Consistent Enameling Application

Pioneer in manufacturing of wire Drawing Dies Ajex & Turner recommend to its valued customers to achieve a more accurate and consistent Enameling application on their magnet wire with Ajex Enameling dies, to select from a standard style or provide us with your detailed specifications to help your Enameling process run smoothly and economically.

Our Strength

Accuracy Level

Ultra-Hard Materials, Leak Proof Design

Ajex & Turner has developed solid Enameling dies with leak-proof design, Dies are available with a Tungsten Carbide insert from sixes .008″ (0.2 mm) and larger or single crystal Diamond or P.C.D. insert for size .005″ (0.125 mm) and larger. The tapered internal geometry allows easy thread ability for even the smallest wire sizes. These dies are compatible with the vertical and horizontal Enameling machines of major manufacturers worldwide.

Structural View